Marcial Boo

In 1997, aged 30, I set off from my home in Whitstable, Kent, to cycle around Britain’s coastline. Not in one go, but bit by bit, taking a few days off every year from work and family. Each year I carried on from where I’d stopped the year before. The coastline at sea level is about 11,000 miles long; at road level it’s probably around 6,000 miles. I reckoned it’d take me 20 years.

As I’ve travelled, I’ve taken photos and jotted down my thoughts about people and landscapes for friends back home: the exhilaration of empty cliff-top paths, the doggedness of slow hill climbs, the B&Bs, the pubs, the people and above all the beauty of our changing coast. It’s a fantastic experience getting to see it all (even the hills) and I’d recommend it to anyone – whether for a day’s ride, or the whole way round.

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