Gaz’s day 13a: Bridlington to Whitby

Day 13
Date Friday 20th July 2012
From Bridlington
To Whitby
Mileage 46
Weather Dry, warm, very little wind
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  54.467643, -0.596008 Gaz\'s day 13a: Bridlington to WhitbyDay 13 Date Friday 20th July 2012 From Bridlington To Whitby Mileage 46 Weather Dry, warm, very little wind Sitting on the Dock of the Bay Which is exactly what I’m doing enjoying the evening sun with a black sheep in hand, that’s the local beer in case anyone’s thinking the cycling has turned him weirder than ever (Directions)


Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Which is exactly what I’m doing enjoying the evening sun with a black sheep in hand, that’s the local beer in case anyone’s thinking the cycling has turned him weirder than ever

Weather wise it’s been pretty much a ‘perfect day’, little wind, dry and frequently warm with sun breaking through

But the day started ominously – thinking I had a real tough day from Bridlington I cut short the karaoke and had an earlyish night with good intentions of a 8 am start – ha, ha cos there was no one around to unlock the room with my bike in it until 9.30

In fact it was the hotel clown who pressganged me into attempting to be Tom Jones for a night by constantly pressing the mike into my hand proclaiming “c’mon Mr Bikeman let’s see if you can sing as well as you cycle” who eventually released the Boardman from incarceration and on I went

Past Filey and Cayton, thanks Tim for the stories, I really would have given that Caterpillar what for if I’d found him

And then picked up the N1 cycle route to Scarborough, no fair (ha!) which started to turn into a bit of rollercoaster, uphill, downhill, portents of signs to come I reckoned but the Boardman Beast was equal to the challenge

Into Scarborough and signs for the cycle path evaporate so I attempt conversing with natives. Now I can be quite a sensitive soul and obviously I’d started to realise people were talking funny almost from Boston I guess but when asking for directions in Scarborough I might as well have been in China

No doubt he was saying something like “no problem my friend, you go straight down here, take the second on left blah bla blah …”

But how do I know he wasn’t actually saying something like “hey you wussy southerner sod off and take your poncy, flasy white Boardman wiv thee cos if you can’t climb up on top t’moor with a good ole Dawes with 3 sturmy archer gears at best then you’re just the kind of ponce that gives this country a bad name, now get afore I set my ferrets on thee”

Anyway I just cycled off in the vague direction he was pointing and after a bit of effort eventually found the track behind Sainsbury’s

And a mighty fine find it was too cos it’s the old railway line, much like our own loved Crab n Winkle but hats off to you Marcial cos it aint anywhere as well looked after

Its called the Cinder Track and there are places where the cinder turns to mushy sand, no good for narrow wheels or very, very stony so it was very much ‘shake, rattle and roll’ or even the great Jonny and the Pirates with ‘I’m shakin all over’ not bad eh, you have to admit it?

But judging by the line of treetops to my left this route was by far and away the better option than the coastal road, whoo hoo there’s some serious hills out there…. and there’s a crackin pub about a third of the way up at Cloughton and my first introduction to the ways of the Black Sheep.. For me though it was basically a 10 mile hill up, a five mile plunge from Ravenscar to Robin Hood Bay then another 3 mile hill and a 3 mile descent, including a stunning trip across an amazin viaduct but some quite extraordinary views along the way

And so to Whitby, which is not dissimilar to a much bigger Whitstable actually. I’m staying in the YHA which I can highly recommend, fantastic building, a shower to die for and yet more stunning views from the top of the cliff, oh and 20 pounds a night

Now have just finished a brilliant fish n chips (Trenches by the harbour) and off to get another pint or two and see what happens in Whitby on a Friday night

Buenas noches




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